From very early on in Top Gear‘s life the phrase ‘we decided to have a race…’ has appeared often. It’s important work, finding out whether a Bugatti Veyron is faster than a Eurofighter jet or if a Fiat Panda is faster than a free runner. Some of the races have been brief, and some have been simply epic. In Top Gear: The Races, Matt LeBlanc (Episodes, Friends), who is responsible for one of the fastest celebrity laps driven round the infamous Top Gear test track, presents a selection of the greatest and most entertaining races from the past 13 years.Top Gear: The Races premieres Monday, January 18, 9:00pm ET

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Episode Guide

Episode One

Matt LeBlanc looks back through Top Gear highlights including an Aston Martin DB9 going head-to-head with the Eurostar on a race to Monte Carlo; a Bugatti Veyron vs a Eurofighter; and a rental car against an America’s Cup yacht in New Zealand.

Episode Two

Matt LeBlanc guides us through another batch of races, including an Alfa Romeo 4C against an amphibious ATV Quad in the Italian Lakes, a four-way race across London and a Porsche 911 Turbo vs the unstoppable force of gravity.

Episode Three

Another look through the archive of Top Gear’s greatest races with Matt LeBlanc, featuring a WRC Mini rally car against an Olympic gold medalist on a skeleton bob, a Bugatti Veyron against James May in a Cessna, and a VW Toureg vs a small brigade of snowmobilers.

Episode Four

Another batch of the most entertaining races in Top Gear’s history including a classic Ferrari Daytona against a million pound powerboat to St Tropez, a jet-powered flying man against Richard Hammond in a rally car, an Audi RS4 vs a speed climber and Jeremy vs the might of the British Army.

Episode Five

Host, Matt LeBlanc (Episodes, Friends), looks back at more amazing races from the Top Gear archive, including James May in a Mitsubishi Evo rally car vs. Richard Hammond in a bobsleigh, a steam train vs. a classic Jaguar, and a driverless military vehicle from the US faces the latest Range Rover.

Episode Six

In this batch of the best races from the Top Gear archive, we see a Ferrari 612 go head-to-head against public transport in a marathon to the French Alps, Jeremy Clarkson in a race against the sun in a supercharged Jaguar, and a driverless US military vehicle versus US the latest Range Rover.

Episode Seven

Host, Matt LeBlanc, presents the final batch of the best races from the Top Gear archive, including Jeremy Clarkson in a Nissan GTR vs. a Japanese Bullet Train, Richard Hammond’s experiment in the new sport of ‘Motorhome Racing,’ and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs. a wingsuit flyer.


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