On January 18, British aristocrats Georgie and Poppy Carlton make their triumphant and highly-anticipated return to the United States to more closely examine the subjects that define American life today in an all-new eight-episode season of BBC AMERICA’s original comedy series, Almost Royal.

Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy (Amy Hoggart) made their first trip to America, granting their father’s dying wish that his children visit the country he loved so dearly (an exploration which they happily agreed to have filmed by a trailing camera crew). The unofficial royal tour thrust the sheltered siblings out into the world and they began to spread their wings. But Poppy and Georgie still have much to learn, as the greatest country on Earth is vast, with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of real-life non-castle-dwelling Americans to meet, learn from and hopefully exploit for fame. The Carlton siblings are leaving their ancestral home and hitting the road as investigative journalists (and hopeful YouTube stars), documenting every step of their intrepid journey across the country via Poppy’s YouTube channel, Poppy Culture. With the help of some celebrity experts, including TV host Mario Lopez, fashion designer Whitney Port, basketball legend Dennis Rodman and restaurateur (and reigning queen …of the Real Housewives) Lisa Vanderpump, Georgie and Poppy explore the long-standing traditions and some more modern customs of the American people – showing the world what America looks like from the point of view of British (almost) Royalty. BBC AMERICA’s half-hour original comedy, Almost Royal, returns with back-to-back premiere episodes Monday, January 18, 11:00pm ET.

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Episode Guide


Poppy and Georgie Carlton have returned to the U.S. and are looking at the art of beauty. The season premiere sees them visiting a school to learn to execute the perfect blow-dry, judging a beautiful baby competition and selflessly contributing to world peace by taking part in a beauty pageant. American TV host Mario Lopez is on hand to answer the siblings’ questions on every aspect of beauty.

The Great Outdoors

The Carlton’s explore the great outdoors, which sees them getting up close and very personal with some Floridian wildlife, hiking a trail with some real Americans, saving lives on a popular beach and finally sharing their own very particular brand of empathy with a group of protesters. Broadway star and actress Laura-Bell Bundy is helping the aristocrats to clear up any and all misunderstandings.



In this episode, self-styled investigative YouTube journalists Poppy and Georgie are looking at the world of American sports by trying their hand at being pundits on a TV show, becoming a mascot for a college basketball team, visiting a drag-race track before trying the fictional and arguably pointless sport of Quidditch. Expert information is delivered by basketball legend Dennis Rodman.


Aspiring online commentators Poppy and Georgie have romance on their minds. As well as mastering dating etiquette, and becoming officiants at a New Orleans wedding, their path to true love leads them to learn the art of tantra, resulting in some very intimate moments with a stranger. Advice on all things romantic comes from actor Michael Urie (The Good Wife, Ugly Betty).


Siblings Poppy and Georgie are on a mission to find out what the future holds for the human race, starting with a simulated trip to Mars. Next up they meet people who are hoping to survive the apocalypse before joining a political candidate with a more hopeful vision. Star Trek legend George Takei guides them on their quest.

Law and Order

Poppy and Georgie investigate the American system of law and order, joining the police in a sleepy Louisiana town, learning that not all dogs are cute and cuddly, and that hosting doesn’t always mean being polite to your guests. The Carlton’s also travel to the very end of the country to meet the Border Angels, who offer help to migrants on their way into the United States. Questions are put to YouTube superstar and ‘crime expert’ Jimmy Tatro, which leads to confusion, rather than clarity.


Tonight’s episode sees the siblings taking on the alien world of work, starting with a consultation on how to create the perfect résumé, then cooking up a storm in an American diner, before taking to the city streets as drivers for rideshare company Lyft. The episode also includes the Carlton’s attending a job fair to show off their new skills and make an inspirational speech. TV star and entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump is on hand for advice.


In the season finale, Poppy and Georgie Carlton immerse themselves in American holidays, learning about the lovely pre-Christmas event that is Thanksgiving by attending and giving a speech at a parade before making themselves at home with a host family who are kind enough to offer them dinner. They also attend Tu Bishvat, Groundhog Day and steal the show in an elaborate production of the Nativity. TV personality and fashion designer Whitney Port is on hand to help them through the festive maze.

Cast Members

Poppy Carlton

(Amy Hoggart)

POPPY CARLTON truly enjoyed her first taste of fame and is now, in her return to America, looking to expand upon her celebrity-status as self-proclaimed YouTube sensation on her very own channel, Poppy Culture. Setting herself up as a “small English businesswoman” with the intention of having her own self-branded empire, Poppy finds it problematic to come up with any business ideas. How perfect that she’ll be meeting so many successful entrepreneurs on her trip. After all, they might have some ideas she can steal…

Georgie Carlton

(Ed Gamble)

GEORGIE CARLTON is still a very affable man who is generous to a fault, but a lot has happened to him since he last travelled the U.S. He has become manlier, an objective he had on his last trip to America, and certainly gained more confidence. This, however, is not to everyone’s satisfaction, namely his sister Poppy, who always counted on Georgie to do everything she told him, forever.

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Production Credits

Georgie Carlton

Ed Gamble

Poppy Carlton

Amy Hoggart

Series Producer

Seamus Murphy-Mitchell

Series Director

Chris Faith

Executive Producer

Clive Tulloh

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